Colorado leads the way with risk limiting audits

From Election Line:  First ever state wide risk-limiting audit (RLA) shows accuracy of elections in The Centennial State.

“There are really two aspects to the benefit of the RLA,” Williams said. “One is to assure that the election was accurately counted, but the other is to provide the public with that assurance. When you live in a nation where the integrity of the election is the whole basis of our democracy, that confidence is critical.”

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Electronic voting infrastructure must become more resilient against attacks

Op ed from The Hill:

"Prepare to detect and recover from problems with the vote. Every election official in the country should adopt post-election audit practices that would allow them to detect fraud or other sources of error. There is a growing body of research on how to conduct these kinds of audits. Further, elections must include a non-electronic method to capture votes that can be examined and tabulated after the fact, as all-electronic vote records could be irrecoverably corrupted in a cyber intrusion."

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Colorado's First of Its Kind Election Audit is Complete...

From the Denver Post:  “Colorado’s risk-limiting audit provided great insights into how to conduct more efficient and effective post-election audits,” said Matt Masterson, chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which aids states with their elections. “The EAC is eager to share some of the lessons learned with election officials across America.”"

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Colorado's First in the Nation Audit Takes the Next Step Towards More Secure Elections

From Colorado Public Radio:  "With this risk-limiting audit, “you start by assuming that the answer is wrong, you start by assuming that the reported winner didn’t really win,” he explained. From there, local officials work backward. “Then you start saying ‘I’m going to collect evidence,’ and if the evidence becomes convincing that the winner really did win, I get to stop auditing.”"

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EAC Video Interview on History of Risk-Limiting Audits in Boulder County, CO

The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) sat down with Hillary Hall, the Boulder County, CO Clerk to talk about the history of Risk-Limiting Audits in Colorado. Check out full video at the EAC's youtube page:

Also, EAC Chairman Matt Masterson visits Arapahoe County Clerk Matt Crane and asks him questions about Risk-Limiting Audits and how they are being implement in Arapahoe County, Colorado:

Congressional Election Security Task Force Recommends Risk-Limiting Audits

"States should conduct post - election risk - limiting audits . A risk - limiting audit involves hand counting a certain number of ballots to determine whether the reported election outcome was correct. Risk - limiting audits used advanced statistical methods to enable states t o determine that the original vote count was accurate with a high degree of confidence. These audits are useful in detecting any incorrect election outcomes, whether they are caused by a cyberattack or something more mundane like a programming error. Mor eover, conducting these audits as a matter of course increases public confidence in the election system."

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Colorado's Implementation of Risk Limiting Audits

"Colorado will conduct the first statewide RLA after the November 7 Coordinated Election. Ahead of this effort, election officials worked to understand the concepts behind RLAs and the technology necessary to implement this type of audit. Along the way, new election rules were written, training and best practices developed, and a software tool was created to move RLAs from academic theory to Colorado’s new standard for auditing elections."

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Proposed Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 Released

The Technical Guideline Development Committee (TGDC) released new Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) back in September. The guidelines are currently being reviewed by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and if approved will be submitted for public comment.  VVSG 2.0 contains language requiring voting systems be 'software independent' and allow for 'efficient audits' which is great improvement from previous guidelines.

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More information on VVSG at EAC's website.

States Take On Election Hacking. Washington Ignores It.

"As Washington ignores the danger, state election officials have finally begun facing up to the threat of Russian hackers and other troublemakers infiltrating the American voting process in the midterm and presidential elections....Among the states, Colorado and Rhode Island are introducing an advanced statistical system called a risk-limiting audit to protect vote tallies from falsification. West Virginia has hired a computer security expert; Delaware plans a total revamping, including junking an electronic voting system that does not leave a paper trail for verification."

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"Voting security experts are thrilled that Rhode Island will begin implementing sophisticated audits to check the results of its elections. The legislation, which Gov. Gina Raimondo signed last week, “is a critical step toward securing elections and acknowledging that computerized machines are not infallible and election interference from a foreign actor is no longer theoretical""

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